About Our Mission

Have you ever visited the White Mountains of New Hampshire or to the shores of Cape Cod? New England is all about discovering something new, unique, and beautiful...
Whether you're on the mountains or by the shores, there is always that "little shop" that gives you a warm welcoming feeling. You can feel the love and dedication put into each and every product on the shelves.

New England takes pride in their local culture, gifts, and crafts. We want to bring that warm welcoming feeling of a local shop straight to the comfort of your own home.

We're here to support the local small businesses of New England. This region is filled amazing people, culture, and businesses and we're hoping to preserve that with our local treasures.

About the Owner

New England's Hidden Treasures is a locally founded company in Massachusetts, with an owner that is passionate about locally made products. With the amount of products made overseas, it's extremely important for us to preserve our local small businesses and economy. We want to help small businesses get discovered, noticed, and the attention they deserve. New England's Hidden Treasures started as a monthly subscription box company, but has grown into something much more.
Owner of New England's Hidden TreasuresWe now offer a wide variety of New England made products, gift boxes, offer product and business reviews, as well as continue to offer our unique subscription box.

Briana was a co-founder of New England's Hidden Treasures but has since taken over as the primary owner. She continues to hand pick the local businesses that are featured on New England's Hidden Treasures. Her creative eye and desire to support small business has helped NE's Hidden Treasures evolve and grow over the past year.

Shipped with Care

Each and every gift box & product shipped by New England's Hidden Treasures is packed with care and is shipped with 100% recycled shipping materials.

You can feel good about what you're getting by supporting local businesses and being good to the environment. Don't forget to recycle your boxes when you're done!  

Please contact New England's Hidden Treasures with any questions or comments. What are you waiting for... start discovering New England today! 



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